Meet the Faculty

Developed and taught by some of the most respected names in Life Care Planning, the University of Florida Life Care Planning Pre-Certification Program’s academic team brings a wealth of real-life experience and knowledge to the course.

Program Director

  • Jamie Pomeranz, Ph.D., CRC, CLCP


  • Horace W. Sawyer, Ed.D., CRC, CLCP
  • Julie Kitchen, CLCP


  • Paul M. Deutsch, Ph.D., CLCP
  • Roger Weed, Ph.D., CRC, CLCP
  • Susan Riddick Grisham, R.N., M.S., CCM, CLCP
  • William R. Goodrich, CRC, CCM, CLCP, ABVE-D, NCC, AAPM-F
  • Patti McCollum, R.N., M.S., CCM, CLCP
  • Terry Winkler, M.D., CLCP
  • Richard Bonfiglio, M.D.
  • Debra Berens, M.S., CRC, CLCP

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