Karah Mechlowitz

IMG_2370Karah Mechlowitz graduated from the University of Florida in August 2015 with a dual Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and Applied Physiology and Kinesiology. She then moved to New York where she completed her dietetic internship at Cornell University and is now a Registered Dietitian. While at Cornell University, she completed a pilot research project on the barriers to participating in the School Breakfast Program and subsequently developed an interest in school nutrition and childhood obesity.

After her acceptance into the MPH program at UF, Karah moved back to Gainesville, FL, where she started working as a dietitian, counseling clients with disordered eating and teaching nutrition education classes. At the moment she has been working on expanding her counseling skills and learning more about the principles of intuitive eating. With the MPH program, she is looking forward to gaining more knowledge and applying her nutrition skills to impact people on a macro scale.

Karah is an active member of the Public Health Community Nutrition Practice Group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, where she is involved in sharing information about public policy and community nutrition topics.  In her free time, Karah enjoys long distance running, riding her bike, and teaching group fitness.