Popy Shell

picPopy Shell received her Bachelor’s in Spanish in 2014 from the University of Florida. After she graduated, she took a year off and worked for an infectious disease office. She then completed her graduate certificate degree in Public Health at the University of Florida where she decided to further pursue an MPH. Her current research interests include maternal and child health, as it relates to barriers to health care access for women and children in developing countries, and learning about efficient program planning and evaluation.

Popy volunteered with organizations such as Project Downtown Gainesville, Health Street and the Mobile Outreach Clinic. As a brother of Alpha Phi Omega’s service fraternity, she has participated in a wide variety of service events through her undergraduate career. Popy volunteered overseas with Distressed Children and Infants where she worked with an NGO to provide services to the children living there. She also completed research with the MARS App Evaluation project, objectively assessing the effectiveness in behavior change through technology.

In the future, Popy plans to pursue international work where she will create programs to help overcome social barriers that may affect health care access for women and children in developing countries. During her free time, she enjoys the company of her dwarf hamster, named Sushi, and watching TV!