MPH Students Working on a Project to Help the Medically Underserved

Published: March 6th, 2012

Category: Student News

MPH Students

Second-year MPH students, Quinn Lundquist and Susan Bareis, are working on formative research projects to help the medically underserved living in rural areas of Florida.

They are the first UF interns for a new organization, The Rural South Public Health Training Center (RSPHTC), a partnership between UF’s College of Public Health and Health Professions and FAMU’s Institute of Public Health. The center is designed to serve medically underserved counties in Florida, especially those in rural regions of the state, by providing competency-based training for the public health workforce, enhancing public health services, and reducing barriers to those services.  The center specifically focuses on needs and issues regarding HIV/AIDS and will address issues by providing free online education for public health workers and exposing MPH students to rural health disparities through paid internships and field experiences.

Ongoing activities include conducting needs assessments and performing community-based projects in medically underserved counties. Community participation is significant to the RSPHTC because it fosters collaboration between the universities and the communities they hope to serve.

The website for the RSPHTC can be found at: