Dr. Adewale Troutman on Creating Health Equity

Published: April 13th, 2012

Category: Department Life

Dr. TroutmanAs part of the College of Public Health & Health Professions Distinguished Scholar Lecture Series, the Department of Behavioral Science and Community Health hosted a talk by Dr. Adewale Troutman, MD, MPH, MA, CPH, entitled “Creating Health Equity: More Than an Apple a Day and a Walk in the Park.”

Dr. Troutman is the Director of Public Health Practice and Leadership at the University of South Florida. He identifies himself through his commitment to social justice, human rights, community activism, health equity and national and global health. His life’s work has been a testimony to this fact. Dr. Troutman has over 40 years of dedication through action to the principles of universal freedoms and the elimination of racism, injustice and oppression. His unique educational background has been a major factor in this quest. Dr. Troutman has an MD from New Jersey Medical School, a Masters in Public Health from Columbia University, Masters in Black Studies from the State University of New York in Albany, and as of October 2009, board certification from the National Board of Public Health Examiners.

Dr. Troutman’s talk was well received among his audience of students, faculty, and health professionals.

Dr. Troutman

Dr. Troutman