Pre-Public Health Student & Florida Opportunity Scholar Stephanie Rolon

Published: April 13th, 2012

Category: Student News

Stephanie RolonStephanie Rolon is a rising senior in the College of Public Health and Health Professions. She is a Health Science major and is on the Pre-Public Health track. Stephanie aspires to have a career in medicine.

Stephanie is a recipient of a the Florida Opportunity Scholarship, which provides full grant and scholarship funds for for first-generation college students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Stephanie will be continuing her third year as mentor for the Florida Opportunity Scholars Program in the Fall 2012.

In addition to serving as a mentor, Stephanie has also volunteered in the pediatric unit at Shand’s Hospital as well as the Swallowing Research Laboratory, under Dr. Giselle Carnaby-Mann.

Stephanie hopes to someday have the opportunity to work in family or pediatric medicine while dedicating herself to helping underserved and minority communities. When asked about her interest in public health, Stephanie stated, I love medicine and have always wanted to be a doctor, but I understand that the field of medicine is only a small piece in the larger picture of overall health.” Stephanie believes her current focus in public health will make her a better physician one day.