Dr. Giselle Carnaby-Mann: Recipient of the 2012 Investigator of the Year Award

Published: April 23rd, 2012

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Carnaby-MannAt the Dysphagia Research Society ‘s 20th annual meeting in Toronto, Canada, Dr. Giselle Carnaby-Mann, Co-director of the UF Swallowing Research Laboratory and Associate Professor in the Department of Behavioral Science and Community Health, won the “2012 Investigator of the Year Award” sponsored by the Head Neck Alliance. This peer reviewed award is provided to an investigator giving an outstanding research platform presentation on a topic specifically targeting swallowing research in the field of Head and Neck cancer.

Dr. Carnaby-Mann’s study was entitled” Dysphagia prevention exercises in head neck cancer: Pharyngocise dose response study.”  In this presentation she reported the results of her study, a Phase III randomized controlled trial investigating the efficacy of a program of exercise. The Pharyngocise intervention was provided to 130 patients during their chemo-radiotherapy to maintain swallowing muscle composition and prevent swallowing disability associated with the treatment of Head and Neck cancer. This study was supported by the American Cancer Society.

The Dysphagia Research Society meeting brings together swallowing and swallowing disorder researchers from a wide range of disciplines, including ear, nose and throat, gastroenterology, neurology, pediatrics, gerontology, nursing, speech pathology and public health.

Dr. Carnaby-Mann presented three oral presentations and was a member of the Dysphagia Research Society program committee and an invited mentor at the “meet the mentors” breakfast  where distinguished researchers interact and advise doctoral candidates in research direction and career planning.