Research Award Goes to Doctoral Student, Eric Soule

Published: May 23rd, 2012

Category: Department Life, Student News

Eric Soule

Eric Soule, MPH is a second year doctoral student in the Behavioral Science and Community Health Department where he conducts research on addictive and risk behaviors among college populations under the mentorship of Assistant Professor Tracey Barnett. Recently Eric presented a research poster which examined the relationship between dieting behaviors, body image, and cigarette use among college females. He presented this poster at the 25th Annual Public Health and Health Professions Research Day on April 18th and received an “Outstanding Research Award” for his submission.

In his poster, Eric presented findings from an analysis of the National College Health Assessment-II survey conducted by the American College Health Association. Eric’s presentation showed that many college females who have body dissatisfaction or are engaging in dieting behaviors may be at greater risk for cigarette use. Among the findings in the presentation, Eric’s poster highlighted an increased risk of cigarette use among college females who engage in “unhealthy” forms of weight management such as vomiting, using diet pills, or taking laxatives in order to lose weight. Eric hopes to present these findings at the 2012 American Public Health Association National Conference held in San Francisco in late October.