Health Fair

Published: June 3rd, 2012

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Health Fair 1The Department of Behavioral Science and Community Health (BSCH) collaborated with the Woodland’s Boys and Girls Club, Delta Omega, and the Public Health Student Association to provide a free health fair for children. The health fair was offered during Public Health Week in April at the Boys and Girls Club as a community service project for Delta Omega.

At the health fair, children received a healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks. In addition, the BSCH Department donated “Gator Bags” which included healthy food that the students could take home. Throughout the day, children participated in several health-related educational activities (e.g., planting banana and fig trees). In addition, with money donated from the BSCH department, sporting equipment was purchased for the Boys and Girls Club.

Student volunteers commented on the importance of volunteering in your own community, some of whom are now inspired to volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club.

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