The BSCH Department Welcomes Three New Doctoral Students

Published: November 25th, 2012

Category: Department Life, Featured, Student News

After receiving an unprecedented number of applications this year, the Behavioral Science and Community Health Department admitted Nicole Cranley, Jessie King, and Jennifer Nguyen into their doctoral program this fall 2012 semester.

Each of the three doctoral students entered the program with a Master’s degree with diverse experience in research and practice.

Nicole Cranley received an M.S. in Research Psychology from the University of Tennessee. During her master’s, Nicole received the Provost Student Research Grant for her thesis research on time use, stress, and recovery among resident physicians. Her current research interests lie in preventative medicine and intervention, patient adherence, chronic illness, and program development.

Jessie King received her M.S. in Health Education from the University of Florida. After graduation she served two years with HealthCorps, a proactive health movement fighting the obesity crisis by inspiring high school students to take charge of their health. After HealthCorps, Jessie began working in tobacco, focusing on policy and prevention at the local level. She continues to work in tobacco prevention, establishing local school and community based programs for youth.

Jennifer Nguyen received her MPH from the University of South Florida. As a graduate student, Jennifer had the opportunity to analyze obesity and public health interventions in the private sector and explored occupational health hazards in nursing homes. Currently, she is interested in investigating acculturation and its role in health disparities, health inequities, and health outcomes among minorities in regards to cancer treatments and screenings.

Congratulations to our three new doctoral students!