Getting to Know Amanda Glynn, the BSCH Continuing Education Program Coordinator

Published: February 5th, 2013

Category: Staff News

GlynnAmanda Glynn, who attended the University of Florida as an undergraduate and graduate student, currently works for the Department of Behavioral Science and Community Health (BSCH) as the Continuing Education Program Coordinator.

The BSCH Department has several Distance Learning Programs designated for working professionals, most of which make students eligible to sit for a Certification Examination offered through the International commission on Health Care Certification (ICHCC) after completing the program. Click here for more information about the programs.

Amanda started the position in 2010. She oversees all aspects of several programs in the BSCH Department including the Geriatric Care Management Program (Director), Forensic Vocational Rehabilitation Program, Life Care Planning and Medicare Set-Aside. She is also currently working on the Masters in Health Science with an emphasis in Case Management. As the Program Coordinator, Amanda travels to conferences to market the program.

Amanda, who has a master’s degree in Health Science in the Rehabilitation Counseling Track and is a Certified Geriatric Care Manager, enjoys helping people and is well suited for the job. Her educational background provides her with the tools to help guide prospective students with their career decisions. Dr. Jamie Pomeranz, Director of Distance Education Programs for the department said “Amanda has been critical to the success of our programs. Her rehabilitation background and professionalism have lead to great success among our distance education faculty and students.

When asked what she enjoys most about her position she commented,  “My favorite part of this position would be working with the students.  I love the constant emails, and phone calls I receive. We talk about the programs, where they want to go in life and about families.  Our programs are distance education courses, so I believe it’s important to build rapport with your students.  I love knowing my guidance is helping them achieve their ultimate career goals.”

Amanda is a family oriented person who travels to South Carolina to visit her family as much as possible. She married the love of her life in 2010 and has 13 month old daughter, Lillian Rose Glynn.  “We can’t even begin to describe the love we have for Lilli.  She makes our lives complete, and makes life worth living,” said Amanda.

Amand’s long-term goals are to continue her position in the BSCH Department and eventually also practice Geriatric Care Management. “I have grown to love these programs, and the students mean a lot to me,” she commented.