Student Publishes Meta-analysis on Music Interventions

Published: June 13th, 2013

Category: Student News

Chandylen NightingaleChandylen Nightingale, MPH, recently published a meta-analysis entitled, “The Impact of Music Interventions on Anxiety for Adult Cancer Patients: A Meta-Analysis and Systematic Review.”

Click here to read the abstract.

Nightingale is a third year doctoral candidate in the Department of Behavioral Science and Community Health (BSCH) and first authored the manuscript in collaboration with her advisor, Dr. Giselle Carnaby, and Dr. Carmen Rodriguez.

The manuscript resulted from a course requirement in Meta-analysis, a summer course taught by Dr. Carnaby in the BSCH Department. Each student is required to turn in a manuscript at the end of the course on a topic of their choice. Nightingale commented on the course,

“I have always been interested in the application of integrative medicine to cancer populations and this course gave me the skills to critically evaluate current interventions in this field.”

Nightingale is about to embark on her dissertation research in which she will be prospectively following head and neck cancer patient-caregiver dyads over the chemoradiation period out to 1-month post-treatment. In this study, she will determine the impact of the cancer burden on the dyad, including the interdependence within the dyad. In addition to assessing several patient/person reported outcomes (e.g., quality of life), she will also be assessing psychoendocrine outcomes such as salivary cortisol as an objective indicator of stress.

Nightingale is hoping to complete a post-doc position in Psychosocial Oncology upon her expected graduation in summer 2014.