MPH Graduate Receives New Position

Published: July 1st, 2013

Category: Student News

EmmettEmmett Martin, former MPH student, was recently appointed as the Accreditation Coordinator for Florida Department of Health in Suwannee and Lafayette Counties.

As the State of Florida Department of Health seeks national Accreditation from the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB), Martin is responsible for managing and coordinating the accreditation process at both county health departments.

His duties will include; developing and managing the Performance Improvement Program, including organizational performance improvement, systems improvement and quality management, and strategic planning efforts, among other things.

Martin received his MPH degree from the University of Florida in 2012. During his time as a MPH student, Martin was actively involved in the PHSA where he was elected Committee Head of Social and Behavioral Sciences. He was also the Behavioral Sciences and Community Health Department Representative with the Graduate Student Council. In addition, Martin worked as a research assistant on a large study that examines health disparities in colorectal cancer treatment decision making. He will be presenting this research in an oral presentation at the 141st Annual Meeting for the American Public Health Association.

Martin completed his MPH internship at the V.A Medical Center as a research coordinator for a pilot study that explored racial/ethnic variations in family functioning with veterans that suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and mild traumatic brain injury. He also has experience conducting a community needs assessment and developing a tobacco awareness public service announcement. After obtainign his MPH, Martin continued working as a research assistant in addition to being a Senior Management Analyst/Consultant for Bradford and Union County Health Departments.

When asked about his future goals, Martin commented,

“My ultimate goal is to earn a doctorate degree in public health and conduct research that explores health disparities on the individual, community, and policy level. I would like to use my research skills and public health practice experience to build a career based in research, while continuously working to improve the 10 essential services of public health.”