BSCH Department Graduates Second PhD Student

Published: October 9th, 2013

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Evelyn King-MarshallThe BSCH Department is proud to announce they recently graduated their second PhD Student, Evelyn King-Marshall.

Dr. Evelyn King-Marshall completed her BS and MPH degrees from the College of Public Health and Health Professions at the University of Florida. She later worked at the Bradford and Union County Health Departments as a Grant Program Manager in abstinence only education and later in tobacco education and cessation. In 2008, she returned to her gator roots to further her education.

Although Dr. King-Marshall claims that she “fell into public health,” it is clear that she is passionate and excited about the field.


“I’ve always been interested in health (my mother is a nurse) but public health allows me to have an impact on a population or community rather than a single person.”

Dr. King-Marshall’s dissertation, “Goal Aspirations among Nulliparous and Parous Adolescent Girls: a Qualitative Study,” examined the differences and similarities of goal aspirations among teen parents and their never pregnant peers. In this research, Dr. King-Marshall investigated the disparities associated with adolescent birth and repeat birth as well as goal aspirations (personal and professional) and the meaning of success as a mediating factors.

A recipient of many PHHP awards, Dr. King-Marshall also has extensive research experience outside of her dissertation. She served as the Research Coordinator for a large-scale study under Dr. Barbara Curbow, “Health Disparities in Colorectal Cancer Treatment and Decision Making,” which investigated the health disparities related to adjuvant chemotherapy use among patients with colorectal cancer and their caregivers.

Dr. King-Marshall recently accepted the position, SBS MPH Coordinator and Adjunct Faculty in the Department of Behavioral Science and Community Health. She hopes to continue her research in health disparities, health literacy and culture. She would like to build upon her research experience and investigate adolescent pregnancy and repeat pregnancy, as well as reproductive trends among low income women and maternal health outcomes related to information seeking and health literacy.

Evelyn Cap

Dr. King-Marshall expressed her gratitude,

“I owe my success to great mentors, family and friends. Being a full time student, wife and mother wasn’t easy. However, professional and personal guidance from Drs. Curbow and Rahim-Williams, great colleagues and friends in the PhD program and a loving family at home made the process a lot easier.”