“Think Global, Act Local”

Published: November 25th, 2013

Category: Student News

The BSCH Department was well represented at the American Public Health Association’s (APHA) 141st Annual Meeting and Exposition. This year’s meeting, “Think Global Act Local”, was held in Boston, MA and attracted more than 13,000 attendees.

Numerous students and faculty members were accepted to present poster and podium presentations that spanned across various health topics such as cancer, food insecurity, tobacco, and more. For example, doctoral student Melissa Vilaro, had a podium presentation for her research on the healthfulness of child-directed food advertisements. She reported that almost half of all child-directed food advertisements represent unhealthy foods.

Melissa VilaroDoctoral Student, Melissa Vilaro

Vilaro commented on her time at APHA and Boston,

It was a great experience to share my research with the public health community, attend scientific sessions, and learn from panelists researching the food environment and food policy issues. In addition to the exchange of ideas among the public health community of researchers, I was able to reconnect with former BSCH PhD student, Ysabel Polanco, who is now living and working in Medellin, Colombia, and hear about her life after completing her doctoral studies. It was also great to revisit Boston, the college town where I had my undergraduate experience and first learned about and fell in love with Public Health.

Two of the department’s doctoral students, Eric Soule and Jessie King, were nominated for student poster awards. Soule’s research was focused on carbon monoxide levels among hookah and alcohol concurrent users. Soule received the 2013 Student Poster Showcase Award for Tobacco Use Prevention given by the Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Section of the American Public Health Association. King’s research examined expectations, concerns, perceived health status, and understanding of colorectal screening in patients undergoing the procedure.

Doctoral student, Parker Hinson, was selected among several applicants to moderate a session, “Approach to Developing a Collaborative, Comprehensive Public Health Strategy.”

APHA Collage

See list of departmental presentations below:

  •  Positive Hookah Expectations, Attitudes, and Beliefs among Young Adult Users
    • Barnett TE, Soule EK*, Moorhouse MD, Hinson WP*
  • Multiple Tobacco Product Use among Adolescents
    • Barnett TE, Weiler RM, Pealer LN, Soule EK*
  • Considerations for Implementing a Social Media Presence for a Public Health Training Center or Health Organization
    • Hart, M., Noel-Thomas, S., Peoples-Sheps, M.
  • 5th grade isn’t enough: the need for Continuous and Comprehensive School-Based Sex education for Nulliparous and Parous Adolescents”
    • King-Marshall EC, Curbow, BA
  • “Colorectal cancer screening among patients in the rural south. Does risk perception defer procedure?”
    • Martin, E *King-Marshall, EC**, Barnett T., Dailey A, George T Jr., Lorenzo F; McGinley, J, Nguyen, J, Reed R, Riherd G, Rodriguez, E, Schumacher J, Sultan, S, Young, ME, Curbow BA
  • Elevated Carbon Monoxide Levels among Hookah and Alcohol Concurrent Users
    • Soule, EK, Barnett, TE.
  •  A qualitative investigation of burden and HRQoL in female spouse caregivers of HNC patients
    • Nightingale, C., LaGorio, L., & Carnaby, G.
  • Assessing barriers to cancer screening for persons with disabilities
    • Cranley, N., Pomeranz, J., Coleman, L., Wert, K., Bhakta, M., Reddick, A.
  • Attitudes toward risk factors associated with cancer among college students
    • Cranley, N., Merten, J., Williams, A., Parker, A.
  • Colonoscopy screening: Innovative intervention point for tobacco cessation
    • King, J., Pomeranz, J., Barnett, T., George, T., King-Marshall, E., Martin, E., Sultan, S., Curbow, B.
  • Evaluating television food advertisements during peak children’s viewing times
    • Vilaro, M., Barnett, T., Corona, A.
  • Predictors of anxiety among colonoscopy patients
    • Lorenzo, F., Nguyen, J., Barnett, T., Dailey, A., George, T., King-Marshall, E., Martin, E., McGinley, J., Reed, R., Riherd, G., Rodriquez, E., Schumacher, J., Sultan, S., Telford, B., Young, ME, Curbow, B.
  • Development and Implementation of a workforce development plan through a local phtc partnership: Lessons from the field in rural Florida
    • Noel-Thomas, S., Blackmon, P., Lundquist, Q., Peoples-Sheps, M.