Eric Soule Receives Award at APHA

Published: January 6th, 2014

Category: Student News

Doctoral student, Eric Soule, received the 2013 Student Poster Showcase Award for Tobacco Use Prevention given by the Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Section of the American Public Health Association.

Soule presented the findings of his pilot study examining the relationship between hookah smoking and alcohol use among young adults. His PhD advisor, Dr. Tracey Barnett, served as a mentor and co-author on the study.

Soule’s predominate focus during his PhD has been hookah and cigarette smoking. He has also worked on projects examining cigarette use among college females, tobacco use among people with disabilities, and risky alcohol use among young adults.

Upon graduating, Soule is hoping to complete a post-doctoral fellowship in tobacco use. Eventually, he hopes to become a professor and continue his research on tobacco use and other risky behaviors among young adults as well as train future public health professionals.