Dr. Mark Hart Wins Best Paper Award

Published: May 2nd, 2014

Category: Faculty News

MARK HART Dr. Hart, Research Assistant Scientist and Instructional Designer for the Department of Behavioral Science and Community Health, recently received the Best Paper Award at the Annual Society for Informational Technology and Teacher Education (SITE) conference.

His paper was entitled Creating an Educational Technology Course for Preservice Social Studies Teachers Based on Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) Survey Results. Dr. Hart’s paper highlighted how instructors could give a pre-course technology, or TPACK, survey to assess student’s technology skills, capabilities, and more and use the findings to mold course curriculum.

Dr. Hart’s expertise pertains to integrating technology into classrooms and research. His paper provides great examples of how this can be done in classrooms today.

“TPACK is a belief that proper technology integration is achieved when a teacher has high and equal proficiency in the technology, pedagogy, and content knowledge. The TPACK survey allows instructors to know what the students are proficient in, what they do not know, and how to best utilize technology integration in the classroom with informed information on the student’s skills and preferences.”- Dr. Hart.

His award included a small cash prize, a paper presentation, and one of only ten papers selected to be published in the conference book.