Hart Delivers Keynote Address at Statewide Education Conference

Published: July 3rd, 2014

Category: Faculty News

MARK HART Dr. Mark Hart, Research Assistant Scientist in BSCH, recently delivered the keynote address as well as hosted a breakout session at the Statewide Department of Education Conference.

The conference, held in Okeechobee, Florida, served as a training for public school administrators from across the state.
Dr. Hart’s keynote address focused on using social media in the public school setting. He provided examples of how media is currently being used in education as well as public health, including blogs, GIS, Facebook, and twitter. There is a debate over whether to use social media and then which sites to use. Dr. Hart highlighted teaching proper use, including addressing possible cyberbullying issues, as well as teaching students and fellow educators about the various privacy settings on these social sites.
Dr. Hart also led a breakout session on instructional design. The session focused on the flipped classroom and best practices for online instruction. He offered technical tips for quality videos, including the appropriate length, where to house the videos, etc.
In addition to serving as a research assistant professor and instructional designer in the College of Public Health, he works as an adjunct professor in the College of Education. His focus is on instructional design. He commented on the importance of keeping current in educational technology, particularly because of the moving trends in social media usage.
Dr. Hart remarked that preparing for this conference allowed him to not only remain current in the field but also see how other fields are using these tools and how we can incorporate what those fields are doing into the public health setting. For example, collaborating and sharing of ideas across educators via sites such as twitter is something that is used commonly in education, but has not yet met full potential in the field of public health. We look forward to incorporating more of Dr. Hart’s findings in our courses here in BSCH!