Dr. Young Earns Promotion

Published: July 28th, 2014

Category: Department Life, Faculty News

Dr. YoungDr. Mary Ellen Young was promoted to Professor in May.

Dr. Young has a long history here at UF and with the Department of Behavioral Science and Community Health. Dr. Young graduated ABD in 1984, and completed her dissertation in 1987. After working in Texas at University of Houston and Baylor Medical, she returned to UF in 1998. She returned to what is now BSCH in 2008 as a Clinical Associate Professor, a position she held until her recent promotion to Professor.

Dr. Young loves teaching as well as research and enjoys that her current position allows her to do both. She has taught the undergraduate Survey of Diseases and Disabilities 1 and 2 courses, which focus on the major diseases that contribute to disability, focusing on medical aspects as well as the psychological and social implications. Her research speciality is in the area of health research using qualitative methodology. Her focus has been on stroke and cancer populations and her current passion is with family caregiving research.

She is very thankful for the opportunity to do research that she loves and to continue to educate students here at UF.

Congratulations, Dr. Young!