Remembering Terry Winkle

Published: August 4th, 2014

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“I’m a son, I’m a brother, and I’m a husband, father, friend, an artist, a poet, a pilot, a physician. I’m all of these things and then I’m handicapped. That’s the least important thing about who I am.” – Terry Winkler

Terry Winkler, a leader within the field of Life Care Planning, passed away July 23, 2014, in Missouri. Terry was injured in an accident at age 18 and was confined to a wheelchair. He overcame many obstacles to attend college and medical school. He attended Louisiana Tech for undergrad and Harvard and LSU for his medical degree. At graduation, his entire class rose for a well-deserved standing ovation which spread and included the entire auditorium.
He was active in the field of Life Care Planning. He became board certified in both Spinal Cord Injury and Life Care Planning and went on to teach classes and seminars in Life Care Planning throughout the US. He was an advocate for rights for people with disabilities, participating in charitable organizations as well as sit-ins.

Terry will be fondly remembered by all those who knew him and learned from him.

“My life changed after I discovered that your circumstances in life are not nearly as important as your attitude toward those circumstances. I realized that I could either be conquered or I could conquer. I have chosen to conquer.” – Terry Winkler