Doc Students Publish Piece on Music Interventions in Quality of Life Care

Published: September 29th, 2014

Category: Department Life, Student News

APOS Photo_2014After recent BSCH doctoral graduate, Dr. Chandylen Nightingale, was invited to write a review manuscript for OA Alternative Medicine, she formed a team of doctoral students and faculty from the Behavioral Science and Community Health and Clinical Health Psychology Departments to collaborate. Co-authors on the manuscript include Nicole Cranley (doctoral candidate) and Dr. Giselle Carnaby from the BSCH Department, and Beth Kacel, Shan Wong (doctoral students), and Dr. Deidre Pereira from the CHP Department. Their manuscript provides a review of music interventions during end-of-life care and the impact of these interventions on quality of life and physiological and clinical outcomes in patients and informal caregivers.

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