Published: December 1st, 2014

Category: Faculty News, Student News

BSCH students, faculty, and alumni recently attended the American Public Health Association’s annual conference. Dr. Mark Hart spoke on his work utilizing avatars for HIV education with the Rural South Public Health Training Center. Dr. Mike Moorhouse presented an analysis on the validity of using binge drinking to assess risky drinking. Current doctoral students Shantrel Canidate, Jessie King, and Jennifer Nguyen each presented poster(s) on their research while Parker Hinson and Erica Kiernan had oral presentations. Parker spoke about spatial relationships between HIV/AIDS prevalence and health access in Florida, while Erica presented on neighborhood factors contributing to loneliness in HIV patients. Shantrel presented work on perceptions of HIV/AIDS access to care, Jessie shared findings from a tobacco cessation intervention for people with disabilities, and Jenn presented on health literacy among persons obtaining colonoscopies. Recent graduates Dr. Melissa Villaro and Dr. Eric Soule, and Stacey Griner also presented work from their respective graduate studies. Presentation authors, titles, and sections are below.



Moorhouse, M., Hinson, W. P., Soule, E., Barnett, Tracey E. Examining alcohol use among college students: Is it time for a new approach to identify risky drinking behavior? Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs Section.

Hart, M., Gatewood, J. Avatar Usage in HIV/AIDS Education with Gender and Ethnic Considerations. Public Health Education and Health Promotion Section.


Current Students

Canidate, S. Vanterpool, K., Laytner, L., Hambrick, R., Noel-Thomas, S., Curbow, B. Rural residents’ perceptions of HIV/AIDS service quality, access to care and health disparities: Findings from a Public Health Training Center’s needs assessment. Academic Public Health Caucus.

Escobar-Viera, C., Spigner, J., Hinson, W. P. A qualitative assessment on the acceptability of a mobile application to improve management of mental health care for adolescent and young adult primary care patients. Health Informatics Information Technology Section.

Terminello, A., Hinson, W. P. Noel-Thomas, S. Examining the spatial relationships between faith-based organizations, HIV/AIDS prevalence, and related services in Florida. Caucus on Public Health and the Faith Community.

Kiernan, E. Neighborhood factors that contribute to alcohol use and loneliness in HIV positive patients. HIV/AIDS Section.

King, J., Pomeranz, J. L., Moorhouse, M., Young, M. E., Merten, J. Evaluation of a Newly Developed Tobacco Cessation Program for People with Disabilities. Disability Section.

King, J., Pomeranz, J. L., Young, M. E., Moorhouse, M., Merten, J. Improving How We Deliver Tobacco Cessation Programs: Findings from an Intervention for People with Disabilities. Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Section.

Nguyen, J., Young, M. E., Curbow, B., King-Marshall, E., George T., Sultan, S. “Endo-whatever”: Can confusion or clarity be predicted from perceived health literacy? Cancer Forum.



Griner, S., Pomeranz, J. L. A Wellness Needs Assessment of Persons with Disabilities at the Center for Independent Living in North Central Florida. Disability Section

Soule, E. Barnett, T. E., Curbow, B., Moorhouse, M., Weiler, R. M. Waterpipes and pint glasses: A mixed methods study on hookah and alcohol concurrent use among young adults. Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs Section.

Vilaro, M. J., Barnett, T. E., Pomeranz, J. L., Mathews, A. Income differences in food choice and social control of eating behaviors among southern rural women. Food and Nutrition Section.