BSCH PhD Graduate, Dr. Jennifer Nguyen

Published: May 15th, 2015

Category: Featured, Student News

Jenn Nguyen DrCongratulations to the most recent BSCH doctoral graduate, Jenn Nguyen, who graduated April 30th. For her dissertation research, Jenn analyzed the eHEALS, an instrument designed to measure eHealth literacy. Her findings indicated eHealth literacy is a broad concept that might not be captured in a generalizable manner. Therefore, Jenn recommends public health professionals measure eHealth literacy away from the clinical setting and within the context of a specific health topic.

Jenn is currently a postdoctoral associate with the Florida Minority Cancer Research & Training (MiCaRT) Center, working with the Department of Pharmacotherapy and Translational Research within UF’s College of Pharmacy.

Way to go, Jenn!