LIFT Cessation Program

Living Independent from TobaccoThe Living Independent from Tobacco (LIFT) cessation program was developed through a partnership between the Center for Independent Living and the University of Florida. This partnership allowed for continuous communication between people with disabilities and the University team. The group program is intended to run for eight weeks with meetings twice per week at the Center for Independent Living.

About Us

University of Florida

Jamie L. Pomeranz, Ph.D. Principal Investigator

Tracey E. Barnett, Ph.D. Co-Investigator

Barbara A. Curbow, Ph.D. Co-Investigator

Michael D. Moorhouse, Ph.D. Co-Investigator

Mary E. Young, Ph.D. Co-Investigator

University of South Florida

MOFFIT Cancer Center

Thomas H. Brandon, Ph.D. Co-Investigator

Vani N. Simmons, Ph.D. Co-Investigator

Center for Independent Living

William D. Kennedy, MHS Co-Investigator

 Curriculum Topics

Session 1: Orientation

Session 2: Tobacco: Why It Hurts

Session 3: Continuing Your Commitment to Change

Session 4: Managing Addiction

Session 5: Preventing Relapse

Session 6: Lifestyle Changes

Session 7: Your New Life Without Tobacco

Session 8: Continue On

Curriculum Highlights

LIFT Session 1 (pg 6)LIFT Session 1 (pg 7)

LIFT Session 1 (pg 12)

LIFT Session 2 (pg 16)LIFT Session 2 (pg 17)LIFT Session 2 (pg 22 cropped)LIFT Session 2 (pg 23 cropped)LIFT Session 3 (pg 31)


LIFT Session 3 (pg 32)
Case Example:

LIFT case examples (pg 36)_Page_1LIFT Session 3 (pg 37)LIFT Session 4 (pg40)

LIFT Session 4 (pg 41)

Case Examples:
LIFT case example (pg 44)LIFT case example (pg 45)LIFT case example (pg 46)LIFT Session 4 (pg 50)LIFT Session 5 (pg 51)


LIFT Session 5 (pg 52)

Case Example:
LIFT case example (pg 54)
LIFT Session 5 (pg 58)LIFT Session 6 (pg 59)

LIFT Session 6 (pg 60)

Case Example:LIFT case example (pg 64)

LIFT Session 6 (pg 67)

Case Example:
LIFT case example (pg 68)

LIFT Session 7 (pg 70)LIFT Session 7 (pg 71)LIFT Session 8 (pg 74)LIFT Session 8 (pg 75)