Geriatric Care Management Courses

Course Schedule (Fall 2018)



Fall 2018 GEY 6646: Issues & Concepts in Gerontology (Community Resources for Geriatric Care)
Summer A 2019 GEY 6306: Communication in the Aging Network: Family Systems & Care Planning
Summer B 2019 GEY 5935: Ethical, Legal, and Business Aspects of GCM (Instructor – Keith Meneskie)
Spring 2019 GEY 6220: Overview of Geriatric Management
GEY 6936: Professional Development in Geriatric Care Management

Course Descriptions



GEY 6220 This course presents the basic elements and procedures for conducting a comprehensive geriatric assessment and care plan report. The content of the course covers the fundamentals of a psychosocial and functional assessment. Current issues in dementia and depression are discussed. Emphasis is placed on conducting the client interview, gathering all necessary information, and incorporating that information into a cohesive written care plan.
GEY 6306 This course explores the multifaceted aspects of communication in geriatric care management. For the Geriatric Care Manager, maintaining consistently effective, professional communication among clients, patients, caregivers, and care team members is imperative. Moreover, a significant portion of this course considers care management from the perspective of family and interpersonal relationships and explores the impact of those relationships on the overall wellbeing of older adults.
GEY 5935 This course explores the ethical and legal issues encountered in the practice of geriatric care management including informed consent, decision making capacity, advanced directives and the regulation and financing of long term care. The course will also address issues associated with starting a business in Geriatric Care Management including entrepreneurial risk, marketing, fee for service billing, and human resources. Emphasis is placed on creating a business plan.
GEY 6646 This introductory course provides an overview of the multidisciplinary field of gerontology, aging services, and community resources for geriatric care management. Material will be covered that informs students about the basic biology, psychology, and sociology of the aging process. Patterns of service use and public and private resources to meet the individual needs of geriatric clients are examined. Principles of case management and the role and function of the private geriatric care manager are presented.
GEY 6936 This one-credit experiential course provides the student with the opportunity to practice direct geriatric care management services in the field while under the supervision of an experienced preceptor.