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Esther and Karishma

BSCH Adds Two New Doctoral Students

The department added two new doctoral students this August, Karishma Chhabria and Esther Piervil (pictured left).  Karishma Chhabria, originally from India, earned her Bachelor in Pharmacy degree from University of […]


Shantrel Canidate Awarded NIH Diversity Supplement

BSCH Doctoral student Shantrel Canidate was recently awarded a 2-year Diversity Supplement from NIH. The diversity supplement will support mentoring and supervised research experience. Per the NIAAA website : “Diversity […]


Recent MPH Grad, Holley Hooks, Accepts Position in Philippines

Holley Hooks, recent MPH graduate, is heading to the Philippines this fall to work! Holley will be working in the Tacloban area with ACT Alliance, an international humanitarian organization that […]

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Julie Merten

Julie Merten, PhD

Julie Merten recently completed her PhD in Public Health-Social and Behavioral Sciences. During her doctoral studies at the University of Florida, she studied the prevalence and correlates of skin cancer […]

Remembering Terry Winkle

“I’m a son, I’m a brother, and I’m a husband, father, friend, an artist, a poet, a pilot, a physician. I’m all of these things and then I’m handicapped. That’s […]

Dr. Young

Dr. Young Earns Promotion

Dr. Mary Ellen Young was promoted to Professor in May. Dr. Young has a long history here at UF and with the Department of Behavioral Science and Community Health. Dr. Young […]

Health in a Heartbeat

Teeth may be able to repair themselves with the help of a laser

Halloween candy could put your teeth in a scary state, but researchers are looking into an eerie new technique that could be used to repair decaying teeth in the future. Could you imagine if teeth...

Endurance athletes’ Achilles’ heel is their smile

Running does wonders for your body, from decreasing body fat, relieving stress, lowering cholesterol and strengthening your heart. It also lends you a fabulous dose of feel-good endorphins. But it...

Propelling medicine to the source of illness

In the 1966 film “Fantastic Voyage,” a team of intrepid CIA agents and doctors boarded a submarine. They were miniaturized, then injected into a fellow CIA agent’s bloodstream. The goal? To...

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