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Julie Merten

Julie Merten, PhD

Julie Merten recently completed her PhD in Public Health-Social and Behavioral Sciences. During her doctoral studies at the University of Florida, she studied the prevalence and correlates of skin cancer […]

Dr. Young

Dr. Young Earns Promotion

Dr. Mary Ellen Young was promoted to Professor in May. Dr. Young has a long history here at UF and with the Department of Behavioral Science and Community Health. Dr. Young […]

Chandylen Nightingale

Chandylen Nightingale Successfully Defends Dissertation

Chandylen Nightingale recently defended her dissertation and will start a postdoctoral fellowship at Wake Forest School of Medicine in the fall. A life-long gator, Chandy received her B.S. in psychology […]

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Recent News

Remembering Terry Winkle

“I’m a son, I’m a brother, and I’m a husband, father, friend, an artist, a poet, a pilot, a physician. I’m all of these things and then I’m handicapped. That’s […]


BSCH Builds

BSCH students, faculty and staff braved the rain Saturday morning to assist the Northeast Florida Center for Independent Living (CIL) in building a wooden deck and wheelchair ramp. The project is […]


Hart Delivers Keynote Address at Statewide Education Conference

Dr. Mark Hart, Research Assistant Scientist in BSCH, recently delivered the keynote address as well as hosted a breakout session at the Statewide Department of Education Conference. The conference, held in […]

Health in a Heartbeat

The good thing about being ‘thick in the head’

Look for this headline coming soon to your favorite science blog: People who obsessively play video games truly may be “thick in the head.” At this moment, hardcore gamers are groaning, “OK,...

Trampoline-related E.R. visits more than double in two decades

Between 2002 and 2011, emergency room visits for injuries from trampoline-related accidents in the United States cost more than $1 billion. Yes, $1 billion. That’s according to a study by Indiana...

Lasers spur teeth regeneration

It’s a “Jetson’s”-style thought: In the future, we could use toothbrushes made of lasers to avoid cavities. OK … maybe not. But researchers have recently shown that a low-powered laser light...

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